Wednesday, September 25, 2013

International Dishcloth swap

My name is Leonie and I am addicted to making dishcloths.
I have been fighting this addiction for over two years and there seems to be no cure. 

SO ... in order to keep it fueled I have been considering doing a dishcloth swap!

The very lovely Mel at One Crafty Mumma is hosting a swap for Aussies (which looks fab - hurry over to sign up if you are in Aussie!). After a quick chat to her I decided to host an international swap.

Here's the details:
You need to crochet or knit TWO dishcloths from cotton (not acrylic or pure wool)
Send these (and other little goodies if you like) to your partner. Make it fun, make it exciting! Everyone loves to open a fun swap parcel!
Post them off by the 31st October 2013.

To join in:
Email me at by the 30 September 2013, with the following details

Name, blog url, postal address
Indicate if you are willing to post overseas

I will send you your swap partners details on the 1st October so you have a whole month to make and send your AMAZING dishcloths.
If you are new to crochet or knitting this is a GREAT way to practice!! 

this stuff that has to be said: 
Please only sign up for the swap if you can complete it. I know you guys will, but it must be said. And make your parcel exciting to receive and open! wrap it nice, include a card!

Need to find cotton yarn?
If you are in NZ and you are looking for a fab cotton for dishcloths check out this online store
Sugar n Cream is my cotton of choice and my current dishcloths are testimony to the quality of this yarn. I bought some in the USA last year and wish I'd filled a suitcase with them! 

Want some pattern ideas?
I've started a pinterest board especially for this swap! Check it out here for some great patterns and ideas


TracyP said...

sorta makes me wanna be able to knit or crochet!

nz green buttons said...

I'm in :) Another fellow crochet washcloth addict!

Cat said...

Hi my name is Catherine and I too am a dishcloth addict - count me in

Kimberley Atkinson said...

I'm in too and have a pile under my chair with ends to sew in. Will buy some of the cotton you suggest too and knit a few more.

Leonie said...

Yay I'm in!

A little bit Country said...

I am a dishcloth addict. But I can not knit or crochet although I have tried and failed. I have bought them online. But I don't use them, they are too pretty! xo

Max said...

Great idea, i wont join in as i've a lot on and my dish cloths can be a bit hit and miss!

Creative Mama said...

I'm in!

Tracy said...

Just found your blog from creative chaos would love to join in your swap too. Will email shortly