All about us

Hi, Welcome to Kiwi At Heart.

I'm Leonie, a Kiwi who returned home to NZ after living in Brisbane, Australia for almost 5 years, hence the blog name 'Kiwi at Heart'.

Im a stay at home Mum to three, married to my hubby for 14 years. We have two daughters and a son.

I love to craft, especially sewing,scrapbooking, crochet and knitting and spinning. Oh and Im addicted to checking out all those crafty blogs.

My blog is where I can share what I've been up to, lets face it my hubby isn't that excited about what I create or all the fabric I buy ... I just don't know why LOL.



Jacinta said...

:) just popping in from Pinterest *hi*

welcomehomekiwis said...

Loving your photo a day idea!

Hang in there, Leonie! It'll get easier, I promise.


Trina said...

Just found your blog via pinterest, really interesting reading. We have been in the UK for 6 yrs, I would go home tomorrow but life happens, good to have your view of how difficult I could find it, whenand if we ever get there.....

Munch cooking said...

Hi Leonie,
Just wanted to say hi from us over at and for being an awesome help with handing over to us.

Munch cooking said...

Hi Leonie, just wanted to say hi from and thanks for being such an awesome help with the transfer of to us. xx